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Installing bathroom stalls isn't something most people will do in their lifetimes. In fact, it's for this exact reason that bathroom partition installations can feel like such a daunting task.

Let us handle your bathroom partition installations. Construct- Innovative Construction Solutions Corp. professionally installs powder coated metal, stainless steel, laminate, wood and phenolic commercial bathroom stalls. Contact us for more info!

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Our ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction and quality construction exceeds that of any other business in our space. We aim to provide you with an exceptional renovation and construction experience.

Custom Bathroom Partitions

Custom Bathroom

Not all public bathrooms are created equal. When designing a commercial or public space, many leave bathrooms on the sidelines, even choosing the first available option.

If you are looking to maintain a style throughout your entire property, consider customized bathroom stalls. We have custom colored premium laminate stalls specific to your needs and preferences, the options are virtually endless.

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View of white bathroom stalls

Custom Bathroom Partitions

The Construct- Innovative Construction Solutions Corp. Difference for Restroom Partitions

What distinguishes Construct- Innovative Construction Solutions Corp. from other companies that offer bathroom partitions is our free design consultation. For years, we have created a variety of bathroom designs. We have the skills to make any bathroom appear fantastic, whether it is a single stall or a big, multi-stall bathroom.

There is no problem we can't overcome because we have completed many restroom replacements, build-outs, and retrofits of existing restrooms. After our consultation, you'll receive a thorough design with all the dimensions you need to install your partitions for the ideal appearance.

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Bathroom partitions are used to create bathroom stalls. A bathroom stall is a tiny cubicle of space separated from the rest of the bathroom by partitions. The rear of the cubicle is normally against the restroom wall, while the front of the stall has a door made of partition material as well as the sides. The stall may be in a corner with one side against a wall, the composition may vary slightly.

A bathroom stall might be quite small, with only one toilet, or significantly larger in the case of handicapped stalls. A bathroom can have one or more stalls. The two features that all stalls have in common are that they provide privacy and separation for bathroom users.

You can improve the aesthetic appeal of your commercial area by dividing the restrooms. If you choose the proper material for the partitioning, it can also be low maintenance. Bathroom cubicles and shower enclosures can also help to manage and expand the space in your bathroom.

Make sure the dividers are a perfect match for the restrooms and don’t forget to match the bathroom’s existing designs and functionalities. Many commercial restrooms, for example, feature separate handicapped restroom facilities.

Moisture build-up, bacteria growth, dents, and scratches are just a few of the problems that low-quality partitions can cause. Hygiene can become a problem if you do not practice regular cleaning and maintenance. In most cases, cleaning the dividers and disinfecting them is sufficient.

Using a professional service like Construct- Innovative Construction Solutions Corp. will give you options that fit your designs, quality material and installation as well as a finished product that adheres to government regulations.

We offer personalised service and strive to make it as quick and simple as possible. It usually begins with a quote based on your design or a talk about your requirements. It’s just as simple to turn that quote into an order.

Bathroom partitions and cubicles come in a wide range of patterns, colours, forms, and sizes. Shower cubicles come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including sliding and rectangle-shaped cubicles.

Our Installation experts can also fit the high-quality partitions for you in a non-intrusive way. Reach out to us today to talk about your next bathroom partition project.