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Demountable Partitions?

In recent years, we’ve seen increased popularity in the use of walls that are demountable, or non-permanent. Whether it be for temporary locations or growing businesses, demountable partitions are considered to be the best substitute for permanent walls.

With their versatile materials, sizes and layouts, every space can be transformed with partitions, including offices, clinics, libraries, warehouses and more.

Why choose us? We are extremely experienced with demountable partitions and can meet tight time frames. Partition framing typically needs to be installed prior to ordering and sizing of glass, meaning that efficient and timely installation are critical to meeting construction deadlines.

Demountable Office Dividers

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Our ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction and quality construction exceeds that of any other business in our space. We aim to provide you with an exceptional renovation and construction experience.

Installing Demountable Partitions

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Partition Installations

Working alongside manufacturers and engineers, our installation contractors work to resolve a variety of solutions.

Being that demountable partitions can be custom for each project, installations are much more complex.

With our years of experience in demountable partition sourcing and installations, we are the best in Western Canada! We even offer tempered glass partitions and laminated glass partitions, contact us for more info.

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Installing Demountable Partitions

Flexible Designs with Movable Walls

Demountable walls are sturdy yet lightweight walls that could be customized and reconfigured from one location to the next.

At Construct- Innovative Construction Solutions Corp., our demountable partition walls are similar to standard drywall in design, but they offer a wider variety of advantages due to their greater flexibility in terms of form and features. They can also be moved and changed within the same office area. Demountable Wall typically is available in conventional sizes from 12 to 48 inches wide or in bespoke measurements as needed, unlike traditional drywall, which typically comes in 4 foot widths. Height adjustments can be made to accommodate specific design elements.

Installing Demountable Partitions

Glass Partitions for Commercial Spaces

A glass partition is an interior wall made primarily of glass or a glass alternative. In order to construct unique non-load-bearing walls, glass panels are typically mounted in metal frames using clamps and/or channels. You can erect these movable walls whenever you want and move them as necessary.

Modern office designs frequently feature glass walls in conference rooms, entryways, and workplace cubicles. Decor preferences, space constraints, practical challenges, lighting concerns, suitability for specific business models, noise reduction, and branding all play a role in the decision to use glass partitions.

Moveable Glass Partitions
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Installing Demountable Partitions

Benefits Of Office Space Glass Partitions

There are also numerous benefits to glass partitions in business settings including significant reduction in noise, disturbances and distractions as well as aiding propagation of natural light coming through office windows which in turn lowers electricity costs for lighting.

Glass partitions also helps to foster communication, personal responsibility, and transparency, and create an open and inclusive workspace. It contributes to a sense of teamwork and unity rather than the feeling of isolation generated by many cubicle systems.

Aesthetically, glass partitions make an area feel larger and more open, enable you to create new office layouts easily and lend an air of sophistication to your office interiors.

Installing Demountable Partitions

Glass Partition Installation Experts

Glass partitions can be made in a variety of shapes, sizes, and glazing types to suit a range of requirements in businesses, retail establishments, and dining establishments. They give office managers a long-term, cost-effective way to satisfy the requirements or specifications of their clients' offices. Construct- Innovative Construction Solutions Corp. has the experience and expertise to install glass partition movable walls to fit your aesthetic and functional requirements.

Are you considering glass partitions for your place of business? Looking for glass features with a unique design? Contact Construct- Innovative Construction Solutions Corp. today. With a focus on personalised design, our skilled and effective team offers outstanding client service from design through construction. Please let us know what you hope to accomplish, and our specialists will help create a custom office that perfectly serves your purposes.

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Demountable walls are architectural wall systems that can be removed, moved, and then reinstalled in a different position. Demountable wall is also known as movable walls or demountable partitions.

A demountable partition is a non-permanent partition that may be removed if necessary without affecting the structural integrity of the building’s interior. Demountable Partitioning’s key advantage is that it causes less damage to the ceilings and floors than a regular metal or wood stud partition wall.  

In contrast, a permanent partition—possibly constructed of drywall—would extend between floor and ceiling slabs. A portion of the ceiling and floor would need to be removed in order to remove a permanent wall. Demountable partitions sit between the ceiling and floor, which are largely unabused by removal. Therefore, demountable walls are appropriate for dividing space for the duration of a tenancy.

Frameless partition systems are demountable partitions that give flexibility to the space by converting tiny rooms into large demountable rooms or opening up the floor plan as needed. This can either be single-glazed or double-glazed. For greater privacy, the double-glazed option enables the installation of integrated blinds.

Freestanding partition walls can be positioned almost anywhere, establishing wall systems where they are most needed. They can be removed and reinstalled in a different area with a different configuration when they need to be utilised for a different purpose.

The simplicity and flexibility of doing business are two characteristics that can make or ruin an office environment. Demountable partitions are the ideal and completely adjustable options for your organisation because of their simplicity, adaptability, and sustainability.


Demountable partition systems are the preferred choice for many modern offices that require flexibility rapidly and in real time due to maybe their most alluring virtue, versatility in layouts. Traditional partitions establish fixed areas that, although providing seclusion, do not adapt to the changing needs of the workplace. Team members may need to meet in small groups or work alone, depending on the project. They can require access to a big area or a little one.


A business remodel comes with additional costs and waste that are not economical or environmentally friendly.

Installing demountable partition wall systems creates sustainability that can expand and flex with the needs of your business rather than undergoing an expensive and wasteful renovation. Demountable glass partitions may be arranged in different ways as your company evolves, saving you time and money while minimising your environmental effect.

Cost Effectiveness

A demountable glass partition system only needs to be purchased once and will give you limitless alternatives for their use because demountable office walls can be put where you need them when you need them. Without the high cost of a complete renovation, demountable partition solutions serve to ease the stress of these required modifications.


The installation of a demountable glass partition system makes it easier to keep up with your company’s evolving needs. Construct- Innovative Construction Solutions Corp. can help with adding demountable partitions to your office and assisting with space optimization.



Demountable partitions, also known as commercial partition walls, stand apart from traditional fixed partitions due to their unique Partition construction and installation methods. Demountable partitions are made for simple assembly, disassembly, and reconfiguration in contrast to fixed partitions, which are anchored to the building structure permanently.

They have modular parts that can be swiftly put in place and taken out without disrupting the structure. Due to its capacity to adapt, organizations may quickly and affordably change the interior arrangement of their spaces to meet changing working requirements.

Yes, demountable partitions offer a high degree of customization to align with specific design aesthetics and branding needs of commercial spaces. Businesses can customize the appearance of these partitions to meet their brand identity because they are available in a number of finishes, materials, and styles.

Demountable walls can be chosen and set up to improve the aesthetic appeal of the office while keeping practicality, whether the finishes are made of glass, wood, metal, or fabric.

Demountable partitions are constructed with acoustic considerations in mind, making them suitable for creating private workspaces within larger commercial areas. Numerous demountable partition systems have outstanding sound insulation qualities that effectively cut down on noise transmission and create an environment that is suitable for concentrated work and private conversations.

Demountable partitions are a realistic option for retaining privacy and noise control in open office layouts due to the specialized partition construction techniques and the usage of sound-absorbing materials that are used to accomplish this acoustic performance.

Yes, demountable partitions can offer long-term cost-effectiveness for commercial spaces. In comparison to conventional fixed partitions, their modular design, and ease of installation result in lower labor and downtime costs. Demountable walls may also be reconfigured without requiring major renovations, which enables firms to respond to changing customer demands without having to shell out a lot of money.

Additionally, these partitions allow for flexible space utilization, which can eliminate the requirement for additional rented space or new buildings. Demountable partitions are an excellent investment because they maximize space, provide the least amount of interruption, and allow for future alterations.

You are aware of some of the disadvantages of dealing with conventional drywall, whether you are a business owner or a facility manager. It is difficult to transport, produces a lot of dust and debris when cut or fitted, and typically cannot be taken out and used in another way to fit alternative office layouts or designs. When compared to plasterboard and other wall materials, our demountable partition walls are an appealing solution because they have no such restrictions.

Some of its environmental advantages include:

  • Installation or remounting results in limited airborne dust.
  • It takes up less landfill space than drywall, in the event that they are not reused.
  • It assures a high performance and healthy work environment that costs less to maintain.
  • A percentage of the raw materials used to manufacture demountable partition walls come from recycled sources.