How Raised Accessible Flooring Supports Office Network Infrastructure

Wood, tile, and carpet are the most common items that come to mind when someone mentions flooring. 

Raised accessible floor systems are widely used around the world, and many of us have come across one without realizing it.  The concept of a raised floor has been around since the 1970s, and in recent years, more tech-heavy companies are making the switch.

This type of flooring creates space for operational infrastructures, such as HVAC ducts, electrical wiring, and cables, between the subfloor and the finished surface. 

Whether you’re tired of tripping over cables or are renovating your office, don’t forget the importance of flooring systems. Below are some great reasons this system may be right for you. 

What Is Raised Access Flooring

If your business uses a lot of technology, a raised accessible flooring system is the perfect investment. 

As the name suggests, a raised access floor sits above the existing floor. The 

space between the two surfaces is meant to be used for running wires and cables, as well as to improve ventilation

Depending on the number of cables running through and the access you need, the plenum, which is the hollow space between floors, can vary in size. 

There are two common types of raised access flooring: full-height and low-profile. Full height access floors are typically 12 inche

s and provide the most space between flooring. Low-profile floors, on the other hand, are usually six inches or lower and are best suited for buildings that are getting renovated. 

It Keeps Wires Hidden

An office filled with tangled wires and cables makes the space look messy and unorganized. 

A raised accessible flooring system has plenty of space to house those unsightly bits of technology while amplifying the aesthetic appearance of an office with high-tech volume.

Endless Design Capabilities

One of the best parts of this flooring is that it comes in a variety of finishes so that you’ll always be able to achieve the aesthetic look you’re going for. 

From granite and porcelain to PVC or wood, you won’t have to sacrifice style in exchange for this convenient flooring. 

Easier Access to Underlying Facilities

When you’re dealing with an intricate group of servers, you’ll have to be able to access them quickly when needed, which can be a challenging task with regular flooring. 

However, with raised flooring, installations will be easier to reach and reconfigure. The panels beneath the flooring allow for great organization so that people can locate any cable they need and fix it if a problem arises. 

This also reduces the amount of damage that the regular floor would sustain during such activities. 

Incorporate Raised Access Flooring Into Your Next Project

A floor is just a floor, right? 

This kind of thinking comes from your experience with traditional office flooring. However, raised access flooring can completely change an area and offer more functionality than you could have ever imagined from a floor. 

Our team of experts at Construct- Innovative Construction Solutions Corp. is here to help you bring your ideas to fruition. 

We work alongside manufacturers, architects, and engineers to create custom solutions for your space. 

Get in touch with us to see how we can re-innovate your space. 

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