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Movable and unitized glass walls are designed for the modern office space. Less construction time equals less downtime. Construct- Innovative Construction Solutions Corp. has grown with the industry and adapted to the ever changing construction landscape.

We have the solution - moveable walls. Installing moveable walls in your commercial space has many benefits. They can be installed quickly, neatly, and they allow for incredible workplace flexibility. Construct- Innovative Construction Solutions Corp. is manufacture trained and certified work with all major manufactures and dealerships including: Dirtt environmental solutions, IMT Modular Partitions, Teknion, Haworth, PC350, Steelcase, Partition Systems LTD, and Falkbuilt.

Choosing an installation company properly trained and experienced in Movable wall installation is critical to manage construction deadlines. Multiple trades can tie into the scope as well including HVAC, plumbing, electrical and flooring to name a few. Understanding scope, design, intent and application of the products we install. Ensure a smooth, high quality finished project.

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Our ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction and quality construction exceeds that of any other business in our space. We aim to provide you with an exceptional renovation and construction experience.

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Why Moveable Wall Systems Are Perfect
for Offices

Wondering if moveable walls are the right solution for your office? Whether you are inquiring about a startup or established business, we can assure you that moveable walls are perfect.

Our knowledgeable and experienced team have facilitated movable wall projects in a wide range of industries including:
- Medical clinics and hospitals
- Corporate businesses
- Industrial warehouses and factories
- Child care facilities
- Educational institutions including schools and universities

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Movable walls for Commercial use

Increased Privacy and Productivity in Offices

An office space requires meetings and collaborations to happen simultaneously without interfering with each other. Clients must also have a sense of confidentiality when they visit the premises of your business. Our moveable walls can create areas of privacy that minimize any distractions and facilitate business proceedings.

Construct- Innovative Construction Solutions Corp. has experience installing moveable walls in a variety of locations for a wide range of industries. Our durable and affordable pieces are second to none in ensuring employees focus on work and do not distract each other. Trust our stellar track record and let us improve your business efficacy.

quick and saves you money

Reduced Cost of Office Redesign

Businesses need to be agile as they adjust to the rapidly changing landscape of consumer desire and the office space has to adjust as well. Eliminate the need for lengthy, inconvenient, expensive, and messy drywall construction with moveable walls.

Our moveable walls allow you to reconfigure your office space any way you want in a fraction of the time you will spend constructing partitions. They also eliminate any construction costs and environmental hazards that can hamper productivity. With Construct- Innovative Construction Solutions Corp., your office can become what you need, when you need it.

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Moveable partitions are panels made up of independent parts that function as a temporary wall. The moveable system works with the help of ceiling-mounted rails and can be moved manually or automatically with the aid of rollers. Once you’ve chosen their position, the panels are lined and interlocked which insulates the space and provides you with maximum privacy. The panel ensures that the system is fixed horizontally so that the entire space can be insulated effectively. If you later decide to have an open space, you can easily move the panels along the rail to separate them from each other.

Wondering if moveable walls are the right solution for your office? Contact our team to find out more about movable partitions and upgrade your office today!

Any commercial space, no matter if it’s a new build or an existing project, can benefit from the flexibility of moving walls. Instead of spending days coping with the noisy and messy drywall installation, moveable walls allow you to change the layout of your space without disrupting employees and business operations. Since movable walls can be dismantled and reused, they provide dramatic environmental solutions such as creating a quiet space to work in a classroom or office or creating a larger room to accommodate patients. We’ve facilitated moveable wall projects in a wide range of industries including schools, corporate businesses, and medical clinics. Wondering if we can help with your commercial project?

Reach out to us today to get started on transforming your office space.

No, moveable walls have no effect on your floor as the panels are suspended from the ceiling and there are no rails or tracks on the ground. Once installed, a demountable wall system offers all the same benefits as a traditional wall, although, when you decide to change things up in a few months, the wall can be fully dismantled and reassembled in a matter of hours and creating zero dust or mess. So, no matter how many times you decide to reconfigure the walls, you can rest assured your floors will be safe.

Choosing an installation company that’s properly trained and experienced in moveable wall installation is critical in achieving top-quality results.

While open floor plans are great, they tend to lack privacy. These loud and distracting environments hinder focus and can be disruptive if you’re in a meeting. Installing privacy walls can be quite an expensive and messy project to undertake, not to mention a permanent one. Adding moveable walls, however, produces less waste than drywall, reduces the cost to change your space, and can be reconfigured anytime to match your needs. Need a secluded space for yourself? Hosting a large meeting with your team? Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of being able to change room sizes in an instant with movable walls.

If your team is growing and you need to fit more workstations in your space, you’ll be able to reconfigure some of the private offices into a multi-user workspace.

Yes! Usually, moveable walls consist of a framing structure that’s designed to hold the partition panels together. A wall is a wall, right? Wrong. When it comes to designing a workspace, several factors such as aesthetics and acoustics play a major role in what type of style and materials are used. There are many materials, colours, and decoration options available for moveable walls. From glass panels to veneers and writing surfaces, there are endless possibilities for how you can design your space.

Whether you’re inquiring about a start-up or an existing business, we can assure you that movable walls are exactly what your space needs.

There are multiple types of moveable wall systems, the two most common being modular and unitized. Modular walls are made out of lightweight panels and often come in different pieces that need to be assembled on-site. This type of moveable wall is perfect for waiting rooms, office accent walls, and meeting rooms and come in a variety of designs. On the other hand, unitized moveable walls are mainly used for an external building front. This type of wall is usually fabricated out of an aluminium frame that includes glass or thin panels. Unitized walls generally arrive as one piece and take less time to install.

No matter the type of moveable wall, our experts at Construct- Innovative Construction Solutions Corp. have got you covered.

Although they’re not permanent walls, moveable walls offer acoustic insulation. While the degree of sound insulation will vary depending on the thickness of the wall, up to 60 dB is absorbed by the partition. Common distractions such as talking, typing, and the little beeps of notifications all make for an unproductive work environment. Since the movable partitions extend from floor to ceiling, noisy distractions and unwanted chatter can be easily blocked out. In addition, the thicker the material of the partition, the greater the absorption and insulation of sound. Reach out to us to learn more about moveable wall systems and don’t hesitate to ask any questions.

Our knowledgeable and experienced team is here to address any questions or concerns you may have.

No! Unlike traditional construction methods, the installation of moveable walls is a quick and easy process, allowing your business to resume operations in no time. Office environments can be altered within minutes as opposed to the weeks or months it would take to build a permanent wall. Do you foresee expanding your office team in the near future and needing to find the extra space to accommodate your new talent? The flexibility of moveable walls remains unmatched, allowing you to build a completely new space in a matter of minutes.

Ready to give your office a much-needed upgrade? Contact our team at Construct- Innovative Construction Solutions Corp. to get started!

The finishing options for temporary wall panels and commercial moveable walls are varied and adaptable, guaranteeing that these adaptable architectural elements effortlessly fit into any area. The following are some prominent finishing choices for these creative partitions:

Coverings: A variety of coverings are available for commercial movable wall panels to match your aesthetic preferences and functional needs. Options include carpet, laminate, veneer, standard and premium vinyl, standard and premium fabric, and even the choice to utilize your own materials. This adaptability enables you to preserve the flexibility of movable walls while achieving the appropriate style and feel for your workplace or business area.

Pass Doors: To facilitate traffic flow and accessibility within your space, a variety of pass doors are available for commercial movable walls. Similar acoustical control and finishing considerations went into the design of these doors as they did with the wall panels themselves. Pass doors offer a seamless solution whether you require a discrete entrance or a simple way to move between partitioned regions.