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Installing office furniture can seem like an easy task, but in many cases, it’s quite the opposite. As offices get large, installing office furniture becomes a daunting task, requiring many installers and lots of time.

The solution? Hire Construct- Innovative Construction Solutions Corp., we are professionals in office furniture installations! Our team is trained and certified to work alongside many manufacturers, including: Teknion, Knoll, Herman Miller, Global, Maxon, Steelcase, Humanscale and Allsteel.

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Our ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction and quality construction exceeds that of any other business in our space. We aim to provide you with an exceptional renovation and construction experience.

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Partitions are a great way to increase privacy and productivity in a space that would otherwise be crowded and open.

With our years of experience in commercial furniture installations and demountable partitions, we've found that many businesses forget just how efficient and affordable partitions can be. Get in touch with us for office partitions and furniture installation.

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Office Partition Installations

Office Cubicle Installation and Reconfiguration Experts

There is just one company to contact if you want to rearrange the office cubicles at your company or if you need new furniture to be installed. We at Construct- Innovative Construction Solutions Corp. are known for making sure that your job is finished on schedule and properly.

You can trust that Construct- Innovative Construction Solutions Corp. will complete your job with experience when you turn to them for any office furniture installation service. Our crew has the skills necessary to install office cubicles from a wide range of producers. Additionally, our staff can install any other furniture you may have, such as storage, pallet racks, case goods, modular furniture, fine arts, and antiques.

Office Partition Installations

Reliable Office Furniture Installation Services

Are you planning to change the size of your workforce, relocate your offices, or organise your employees' cubicles in a more practical way? If so, you'll probably want to start looking for companies that install office furniture.

Our ability to provide a wide range of additional office furniture services, such as corporate relocations, space planning, office furniture and cubicle rentals, liquidation and facility decommissioning, receiving, warehousing, and inventory management, is one of the ways we truly differentiate ourselves from other office furniture installation companies. Contact us today to get a free quote on your next office furnishing project.

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Yes, it does! More often than not, an office layout is chosen based on aesthetics rather than how it affects employees’ functionality and productivity. A well-designed office space makes it easier for people to complete tasks more quickly and efficiently. For many employees, working in a chaotic and disorganized space makes it difficult and time-consuming to complete even the easiest of tasks. Ergonomics also plays a key role in employee productivity as a poorly constructed desk can affect workers’ wrists, hands, joints, and back, which can then lead to absence due to fatigue.

To combat this problem, consider choosing office furniture that can increase ergonomics, such as adjustable chairs that allow people to sit with a proper posture.

It can be incredibly easy to fall asleep when you’re surrounded by bland walls and boring architecture. Depending on the type of business you run, different office layouts can be useful.

For example, if your employees have jobs that require intense focus and concentration, then they’ll need a work environment that’s quiet and away from any distractions. To reduce interruptions, consider adding some private workstations that can be used as study rooms.

If you’re looking to create a work environment that fosters collaboration, it’s important to arrange seating in a way that allows team members that interact often to be within proximity of each other. This can be in the form of an open layout office or having movable seating.

When people think of office layouts, they typically picture a cubicle-only workspace. While you may still find this layout in some offices, modern workplaces incorporate office layouts designed to support various work styles. There are numerous options available for office layouts, each suited to your different needs, available space, and building facilities.

  • Open-plan office layouts are the best when trying to build communication and collaboration among team members.
  • Cubicle offices are generally arranged in rows of partitions and separated by a narrow hallway for foot traffic. This is the perfect compromise between having an open space and a private office space. You now have the option of making the partitions large enough to accommodate an entire team, which encourages collaboration while removing the distraction of other teams.

Yes, they can! As great as it would be to be able to move entire concrete or glass walls to suit your office’s changing needs, it’s not possible.

Demountable partitions offer the next best solution. Partition walls allow you to open up a space to allow in some natural light and encourage the interchanging of ideas between employees. On the other hand, if you’re looking to add a little more privacy to your open space, a demountable partition can be used to close off a space for meetings or create quiet pods during times when extreme concentration is needed. No matter the layout you need, office partitions come in all shapes and sizes to help you make your office more efficient.

Although it may seem exciting to build your office furniture yourself, you’ll soon discover it to be a daunting and seemingly never-ending challenge. Getting all the furniture into the space is already a tough job in itself, let alone assembling everything and arranging them in the right layout. Not only do our professionals have the proper tools and knowledge to get the job done, but our extensive experience allows us to complete assembly in an efficient and timely manner.

Ready to redesign your office to maximize productivity and collaboration? Our trained experts at Construct- Innovative Construction Solutions Corp. have the skills and tools needed to install your office furniture and demountable partitions in record time.