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Construct- Innovative Construction Solutions Corp. proudly offers a wide variety of office construction, renovation, redesign and reconfiguration services to enhance the functionality of your commercial space.

Our installers are trained, certified and experienced with all major manufacturers, to help avoid unnecessary costs and wasted time. Eliminate the middle project management by going directly to the installers work done professionally and efficiently.

If any repairs or changed are required, it’s no worry. We have the access to all necessary parts, special tools and equipment to safely and securely handle, transport and reinstall reconfigured office walls.

Why hire professional installers? We ensure that your furniture, walls and partitions are professionally and safely installed to steer clear of property damage and the associated costs.

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Our ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction and quality construction exceeds that of any other business in our space. We aim to provide you with an exceptional renovation and construction experience.

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Partitions are a great way to increase privacy and productivity in a space that would otherwise be crowded and open.

With our years of experience in commercial furniture installations and demountable partitions, we've found that many businesses forget just how efficient and affordable partitions can be. Get in touch with us for office partitions and furniture installation.

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Consider Office Partitions

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Office redesigns go beyond the aesthetic factor. You should take into account how your furniture affects the other senses. What is the texture of that fabric when you touch it? What effect might the carpeting have on the way sounds reverberate in the office?

Finding the right finishes and materials for your space is key. At Construct- Innovative Construction Solutions Corp. we work around your preferences to find something that is the best fit your office.

To keep your office looking its best, you may need to occasionally switch things up. Even if all the choices may seem overwhelming, you don't have to make them all by yourself. Contact us right away to begin designing your ideal office space.

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Each type of business benefits from different types of office layouts. One of the most popular layouts is the cubicle office, as it creates a private space for each employee where they can fully concentrate on their work. Half partitions are similar to the cubicle layout but are a compromise between private offices and an open space. They allow colleagues to openly communicate with each other while the visual barrier gives a semblance of privacy. In an open office layout, the partitions are ditched altogether and workspaces are defined by the furniture used. This is great for teams who need to be able to communicate and collaborate at all times. If your organization has several different teams, it’s best to have an open space with clusters of desks so that each team can work together without disrupting everyone else.

Our team at Construct- Innovative Construction Solutions Corp. will work with you to determine the best configuration to fit your existing space. Whether you’re building a locker room for your employees or setting up a changing room for your commercial building, we can help you find the right bench and locker solution for your needs. Contact our team today!

Choosing a permanent office layout can be overwhelming as you cannot predict the future. Tearing down concrete and drywall is a messy, noisy, and expensive job, not to mention incredibly time-consuming. Demountable office partitions offer you the privacy a normal wall would but with the added bonus of being able to dismantle them anytime, you wish. Want to open up a private office area to create a larger space for incoming talent? Need a space away from the hustle and bustle of the workspace? With the versatile layout of demountable partitions, your office space can be transformed in minutes.

Reach out to our team to learn more about demountable partitions and enhance your office space today.

An office space is so much more than a large room with some desks. Amenities like meeting rooms, conference rooms, a small kitchen, printing areas, and break rooms are all necessary for a fully functional office. It’s best to make a list of all the amenities and different rooms you’d like to incorporate into your office space and leave all the calculations to our design team. Why hire professional installers? We make sure that your furniture, walls, and demountable partitions are expertly and safely installed to steer clear of potential property damage and associated costs.

Get in touch with us to start planning your dream office space.

There are times in an organization when you or your employees will require a quiet, private space to work. This is especially necessary when you’re working on a project that requires intense concentration and a distraction-free zone. When thinking about the different amenities you’d like to incorporate into your office space, be sure to add a few private office spaces that can be used during this time. Another option to consider is adding moveable walls, which can be reconfigured based on the space you’re looking to create. They can be installed quickly, and neatly, and allow for incredible workplace flexibility. Our knowledgeable and experienced team at Construct- Innovative Construction Solutions Corp. has facilitated office redesign projects and moveable wall installations for all types of corporate businesses. You can rest assured your redesign project is in good hands.
From improving ergonomics to strengthening communication protocols, there are a variety of ways to boost your employee’s productivity. However, an often overlooked method of improving productivity is the office’s layout. Where you work will always have a significant impact on how you work and your results. For maximum productivity, you need to have a balance of good office interior design. Too much open space can increase distraction during moments when employees are not working as a team. On the other hand, a strict cubicle layout can feel isolating and discourage communication. In addition, keeping noisy machines such as the copier and printer in a separate room will help minimize distraction and creates an excuse for employees to have a body break every now and then.