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About Raised Access Flooring Systems

Raised accessible flooring is a great choice for office buildings and data centres, known best for being a great cable management solution.

Whether you're tired of tripping over cables, renovating or opening a new location, we highly recommend raised flooring systems.

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Our ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction and quality construction exceeds that of any other business in our space. We aim to provide you with an exceptional renovation and construction experience.

Access Flooring Installations

Raised Flooring

For all your raised flooring installation needs, hire Construct- Innovative Construction Solutions Corp.. Why? We are unlike any other commercial construction and renovation provider.

We work alongside manufacturers, architects and engineers to create a custom solution for your space.

From raised accessible flooring to glass pane & partition installations, we have got you covered. Get in touch with us to see how we can re-innovate your space.

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Access Flooring Installations

Benefits Of Raised Accessible Flooring With Construct- Innovative Construction Solutions Corp.

Raised accessible flooring offers adaptable and simple access to underfloor voice, data, and power systems. Access flooring also makes it easier to maintain, reroute, or upgrade essential systems with little disruption to the working environment.

Our design and installation services offer:

Complete flexibility & adaptability with minimal disruption to your team.

Reduced energy consumption.

Improved ongoing energy efficiency and freedom.

Design and layout options.

Reclaimed ceiling space free from cables and pipes.

At Construct- Innovative Construction Solutions Corp., we are distinct from other providers of commercial construction and renovation. Call us for all your raised flooring installation needs.

Access Flooring Installations

Work With Canada's Raised Accessible Flooring Experts

Consulting: We meet with your team to evaluate the current floor installations, look over structural plans, and design the product that is best suited to your requirements. We develop an installation strategy that complies with local regulations while causing the least amount of disruption to your current operational environment.

Installation: Our professional installation team provides installations and de-installations services, including slab preparation, room and pedestal layout, panel cut-outs for floor boxes and air guard and grommets, evaluation of existing sub-floors, and preparation of your existing floor foundation for access flooring.

The effectiveness and quality of your flooring system determines the value for money. Effective ventilation, simple access, and future upgrade possibility are all built on top of it. We maintain our reputation for excellence in product, service, and performance. Contact us today.

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This is a flooring system made up of modular pieces that are attached to the top of a building’s original concrete slab floor, leaving accessible channels or occasionally an open space between the two floors that is used to house wiring and cable management for power distribution, AV equipment, or IT.

These channel plates or panels are designed to be conveniently removed in order to provide access to the cabling distribution system under the floor.

Nearly any building can benefit from raised accessible flooring. There are many uses for this kind of flooring.

Offices where there’s a significant level of computer/telecom equipment required are prime benefactors of this type if flooring such as.

  • Financial and insurance offices,
  • National and local government offices
  • General administration buildings across the entire range of industries
  • Call centres and other office environments that handle large-scale customer calls
  • Data processing centres with large-scale computer rooms set up for processing electronic data
  • Centres for distribution that distribute a wide variety of consumer items which necessitate a contemporary office setting for order processing and related tasks.
  • Educational establishments including schools, universities, libraries, etc.
  • Industries such as pharmaceuticals require clean room facilities that needs to be clutter free
  • Retail businesses, particularly large department shops, are depending more and more on accessible raised floors with specialty finishes.

Raised accessible flooring provides commercial building with a host of benefits. With Inherent increased cable management, accessible to your establishment’s ever-growing power, data, and telecom resources is quick and simple thanks to modern structures.

Other benefits include.

Existing spaces can be adaptable to incoming tenants as well as creating an economical and effective way to reorganise an office space. When performing maintenance, rerouting, or upgrading, people desire quick accessible to their services. These floors are all about accessibility.

The following installations/services can be channelled in the plenum of a raised accessible floor:

  • Electric power
  • Data cables
  • Telecommunications cabling
  • Air conditioning
  • Fire detection
  • Security
  • Water and drains