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Adding a screen room to your house gives you the advantage of a fantastic outside room that you can use all year round. Screen rooms are a perfect place to breathe in the clean air and have a sense of being more in touch with nature without being eaten alive by bugs. Our screen rooms installations are designed to provide maximum visibility while withstanding winds and other environmental factors.

Your imagination is the only restriction on your new screen room design. Choosing the ideal style and layout is a fun adventure because there are so many different alternatives available. We provide a collection to spark your imagination and demonstrate how some of your neighbours have improved their homes with a screen porch. Contact Construct- Innovative Construction Solutions Corp. to learn more about our custom screen room installations.

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Our ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction and quality construction exceeds that of any other business in our space. We aim to provide you with an exceptional renovation and construction experience.

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Making Your Dream Screen Room A Reality

Screen rooms can help homeowners make the most of their homes and enjoy living in the stunning outdoors to the fullest. Screen porches provide houses an immediate boost in curb appeal while also creating useful outdoor living areas that can be enjoyed all year long.

The desire to bask in a sunny outdoor space in the summer isn't always as pleasant as it may be for homes without screen rooms. Bugs and critters know just how to ruin an otherwise great summer afternoon lunch outside or drain the tranquilly out of an evening martini on the back porch when it gets really hot.

Fortunately, getting your own screen room can be much simpler and less expensive than most people think with Construct- Innovative Construction Solutions Corp.. Our experience in screen room installations is second to none. The screen porches and screen rooms from Construct- Innovative Construction Solutions Corp. are made to last, with plenty of customizable options to make them seamlessly fit into your home's design and lifestyle and are designed to maximise all season living.

Serving Vancouver, British Columbia, and Alberta, we provide full service from designing and planning the perfect screen rooms, to assistance with building permits, and complete screen room installations.

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A screen room is the most affordable and most basic type of enclosed living space. They can be developed as a brand-new space or added to existing patios, porches, and decks. In this kind of house enclosure, screens protect you from the outside, keeping any insects or other animals out of your funfair. Additionally, screen rooms keep yard waste like sticks and leaves out of your living space, keeping it cleaner.

Advantages include breathing in the fresh air and taking in nature without having to deal with the bugs or yard debris. Another advantage of the screen room is its affordability.

Screen rooms have become popular in outdoor living. Screen rooms offer a wide range of adjustable possibilities, it should be emphasised. Homeowners, in turn, have a wide range of options for the outside space they want and need.


Your living space’s screen room system can help you feel more private. There are numerous options to consider when constructing your screen room if this is something that is very important to you. There are several colours available, specifically when selecting the mesh material. For instance, the majority of retractable screens are constructed so that only you can see inside while others cannot.

Insect Protection

In the summer, insects and other pests rapidly grow irksome. You must have some sort of bug defence that won’t disrupt your outside enjoyment. For a worry-free outdoor experience, fixed and retractable screens will shield you from mosquitoes, flies, wasps, and other pests. You can relax and take in the summer breeze that you yearn for.

Weather Protection

Fixed and retractable screen rooms are like sunglasses for you home and outside living enclosures. They will not only help shield you from UV rays, but they will also shield your possessions from fading from the sun. After a long day spent outside, screen rooms can help shield your skin from the sun. In any season, it can be a lovely location in your home to unwind and decompress.

A screened porch or sunroom could be a terrific spot to consider for extending your home if you need some extra living space. There may be significant differences between the two rooms, so carefully consider your options before making a choice.

How the walls are completed makes a significant distinction between a sunroom and a screened porch. A screened porch is a covered building with mesh screen walls. The distinction is that a screened porch will allow air to flow through the space, giving you the impression that you are outside while keeping the bugs out.

A sunroom is a roofed structure that is glass enclosed. A sunroom has a nicer view and is more like your living room. This will probably result in the addition of air conditioning for the summer and heating for the winter because it is enclosed.

A screened porch is what you need if your goal is to increase your living space while also enjoying the outdoors. You can benefit from a screened porch in Canada from April to October.  Your outdoor space might be chilling on spring and fall nights. An easy way to prolong your enjoyment of your screened porch may be using outdoor heaters.

When it comes to sunrooms and screened porches, Construct- Innovative Construction Solutions Corp. is an authority. Our committed team will provide you with the greatest guidance for residential and commercial screen rooms and sunrooms in Alberta and surrounding areas. Contact us today to learn more about our screen room installations.

With the help of our screened patio solutions, you can turn your outside area into a bug-free haven. Enjoy the natural surroundings and fresh air while keeping insects at bay. Our skilled installation services guarantee a smooth fit so you may unwind and relax in comfort.

Our screened patios improve your outdoor living experience whether you want to create a cozy outdoor lounge or an eating space. Contact us today to schedule an installation that brings the outdoors in while keeping unwanted guests out!

Add a screen porch to your home to expand your living area and enjoy both inside comfort and outside vistas. With the help of our skilled installation services, it’s simple to take pleasure in nature’s beauty without having to deal with pests or garbage. Our screen porch solutions provide flexible options for your home, whether you’re looking for a quiet reading nook or a place to host friends and family.

This summer, you can enjoy the warm nights on your patio, porch, or deck without having to worry about bugs. The ideal three-season room for your house or cottage is one of our patio screen walls.

You will have the best visibility possible outside thanks to your screen room or patio enclosure. You can enjoy meals there, watch TV there, or unwind in the hot tub in your new outdoor living area.

Meanwhile, a screened-in porch is a perfect spot to read in peace or as a nice work-from-home office space during those warm summer days. A screened porch will allow you to enjoy the summer breeze while sheltering you from the strong rays of the sun or any light rain showers.

Our screen enclosures will transform the way you live outside. These adaptable shelters keep an open-air experience while offering protection from insects, UV radiation, and bad weather. Whether you want a screened pool area or a covered outdoor lounge, our installation services provide a safe and lovely addition to your property.

With our screen enclosures, you can combine the convenience of indoor living with the beauty of nature, giving you the best of both worlds. Don’t wait any longer – contact us today to discuss your screen enclosure needs and schedule an installation that transforms your outdoor space.