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Solarium Installation: Choosing The Perfect Sunroom or Solarium

Getting a sunroom or solarium installed is a great way to extend your living space and give it a unique appearance. But first, you must choose which one is ideal for your home. Here are the two different types: 3 Season Rooms and 4 Season Rooms.

3 season room. Can be enjoyed year round. Heated and Cooled. Rooms are designed with single or double glazed acrylic sheets (clear or tinted). Most rooms are built with a 24" Knee wall (pony). This base structure can be finished to match the exterior of the home to give a more integrated look. Finishes can include siding, stone, stucco ect. These rooms are the most popular option. They offer an amazing modern design with incredible value.

3 season rooms can typically be mounted to homes with minimum requirements. Most decks with standard footings can accommodate our designs. The cost to install a 3 season room varies for each project, anywhere from $15,000 to more than $30,000.

4 Season Rooms: Treated as extension of home, 4 season rooms are the complete comprehensive solution to creating a beautiful space that can be used year round. Engineered with aluminum and steel construction, our 4 season rooms are built with dual and triple pane glass options for walls and either polycarbonate heat guard roof panels or tempered dual glaze Solarban 60 treated glass.

Generally, the installation of a 4 season room will require either a solid foundation or reinforced base structure/deck for its construction. As for the cost, four season rooms naturally cost more as they’re designed for year round use, starting at about $35,000. for further information on 4 season rooms please see our Conservatories.

Now, it’s time for you to choose a style, here are the styles offered: Solariums (curved, glass roof and walls), Sunrooms (lean to, square eave, gable), Conservatories (complex roof angles), Custom (pool covers, atriums & more).

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During the entire process of your solarium and sunroom installation project, you can sit back and relax. We’ve got you covered from start to finish. When you choose Construct- Innovative Construction Solutions Corp., we assist in the design of your space as well as getting the permits, meeting your requirements, engineering, delivery and the complete installation.

Additionally, if your space needs any finishing touches, we can provide flooring, lighting and accent wall installations. Contact us for your solarium installation project!

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Our Sunroom Installation Process

Following a brief meeting about your sunroom or solarium project, we quickly establish your budget with designs and suggestions for your project and it’s intended use as an addition to your home.

Once established, we will preform a free inspectation of your space to gather the necessary measurements. Then, once the measurements are confirmed, we will provide you with a no-obligation quote.

If you agree and the quote is accepted, the engineered drawings are produced, revised and adjusted as needed by the homeowner until the design is perfect.

At this point, we will gather the required permits for applicable municipalities, and once these permits are granted, the fabrication and production process begins. When completed, it will then be shipped and installed for your enjoyment.

Typically, most projects will take anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks depending on scope of project.

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A solarium or sunroom is an indoor space with many windows that allows for plenty of natural light and views of the outside. Sunrooms can be erected on top of an existing patio to act as an extension of the main house while also allowing fresh air into the home. Sunrooms provide homeowners with an extra living room or home office where they can work, entertain, or relax with a good book.

Yes. A sunroom increases the amount of usable space in your home. It will increase the square footage and provide a lot of natural light. The square footage alone is a big return on cost of the sunroom.

If correctly staged, it will be a stunning focal point of your home that will considerably improve its value when you decide to sell.

Yes! A sunroom can be created on a covered deck. Covered patios are becoming increasingly popular. Imagine how many plants you could grow all year if you had a climate-controlled gardening space!

No, but you’ll probably want one. Some sunroom kits attach to existing decks, and some have real dirt floors for planting.  Most sunrooms have a true foundation and are just like any other room in the house, although with a lot more windows.

A solarium and a sunroom are both types of enclosed spaces designed to provide a connection to the outdoors while offering shelter from the elements. However, they have some differences in their design and usage:

Solarium: A room that is mostly built of glass, often with glass walls and a glass roof, is called a solarium. Its main objective is to provide as much exposure to sunshine and outside scenery as possible. Solariums are frequently used to soak up the sun, grow plants, and feel as though you’re in the middle of nature. Solariums can get rather warm because of their substantial glass design, especially in direct sunlight.

Sunroom: In contrast, a sunroom is a flexible living area that may be constructed from a variety of materials, such as glass, wood, and insulated panels. Sunrooms are an addition to the living space of the house that are made to be cosy and practical year-round. They are great for a variety of activities, including reading, dining, unwinding, and entertaining because they can be heated and chilled. Sunrooms offer a connection to the outside as well, but they concentrate more on offering a useful indoor area.

While solariums, sunrooms, and conservatories share some similarities, they have distinct features and purposes:

Conservatory: A conservatory is a glass-enclosed building created especially for growing plants; it frequently serves as a greenhouse. It is perfect for gardening and horticultural pursuits because its main goal is to create the best environment for plants to flourish. Conservatories often feature a lot of glass to let in as much light as possible, although they may not be as well insulated or furnished for year-round habitation as sunrooms.

Yes, a sunroom can indeed be used as a living space or an additional room in your home. Sunrooms are built with insulation and climate management in mind, unlike solariums. In order to keep them comfortable throughout the year, they can be heated in the winter and cooled in the summer. Sunrooms can therefore be used as flexible areas for a variety of purposes, including dining, relaxing, working, or hosting guests. They can give a seamless indoor-outdoor link and add significant square footage to your property.

Yes, both solariums and sunrooms can be equipped with heating and cooling systems to maintain a comfortable environment regardless of the weather. Due to its large glass construction, which can result in heat gain in the summer and loss in the winter, solariums may need to be carefully considered when it comes to temperature regulation. However, sunrooms can take a variety of HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems, including radiant heating, ceiling fans, and air conditioning units. Sunrooms are built to be more energy-efficient. When installing heating and cooling systems in small spaces, proper insulation and ventilation are crucial considerations.

Yes, both solariums and sunrooms are excellent spaces for gardening and cultivating indoor plants. With their glass walls and roofs, solariums let in plenty of sunlight, making them the perfect place for plants that need a lot of light. To avoid extremely high temperatures, considerable consideration of ventilation and shading may be required due to their propensity for overheating. With its controlled climate and insulation, sunrooms can be used for gardening and plant housing, enabling you to make your home feel lively and green. However, conservatories are the most equipped for gardening.