The Ultimate Guide to Designing and Installing A Patio Cover

patio cover installation

A patio cover installation is a functional and stylish way to add protective elements to your house and increase the comfort of your external living space. When done correctly, a patio cover or pergola can even add to the value of your home.

However, the design and installation of patio covers is a complex and intricate process. As such, the team at Construct- Innovative Construction Solutions Corp. would like to provide you with a guide to designing and installing patio covers.

Location and Size Determination

patio cover installation location

To properly design a patio cover, you need to determine exactly where it is going and how large it needs to be. As such, the first step is to assess not only what you need, but the amount of available space you have. Correctly assessing the patio size will ensure that any designs made will fit the specifications and reduce the margin of error.

Materials Selection

Another crucial step in patio cover installation is choosing the materials that will be used to make your patio cover (or pergola, if you prefer). The selection available is wide and features many merits and demerits with regard to aesthetic appeal, cost, durability, maintenance required, etc. Common materials for patio covers and pergolas include wood, metal and vinyl.

Planning the Installation

After determining where the patio cover goes, how big it needs to be and what materials are going to be used to make it, the next step in the patio cover installation process is planning the construction. The details of the design should comprise support posts, beams and roofing material placement. Expert hands can create this design on paper but there are software options for those who prefer it.

Obtain Permits

If necessary, you will need to acquire the necessary permits before the installation can begin. This is situational, so your best course of action is to check with the local building department in your area to learn about the permits needed and how you can obtain them. After the permits have been obtained, the design process can transition to construction.

Install Support Posts

The support posts are needed to hold up the patio cover and ensure that it stays up, no matter the weather conditions. As such, it is crucial to follow the patio cover installation’s design and space the posts out properly. The base of each post should be set in a concrete foundation to maximise the strength and stability of the posts.

Install Beams and Rafters

patio cover installation support

After the support posts have been securely installed, the patio cover’s frame should follow. This involves the placement of beams and rafters across the support posts with secure and stable attachments. The beams and rafters are also vital in holding up the patio cover and should be installed to last as long as possible.

Install Roofing Material

In the final step of patio cover installation, the roofing material that makes up the final component is installed. The roofing is usually composed of materials such as metal panels, polycarbonate sheets, shingles, etc. Make your choice based on your budget, the materials’ longevity and their aesthetic appeal.

Construct- Innovative Construction Solutions Corp. – Patio Cover Installations in Western Canada

A patio cover can allow for increased comfort in your home’s outdoor space. Ensuring that your design and construction process is expertly handled provides you with a beautiful exterior addition that enhances your relaxation and increases your home’s value.

Please contact us if you need patio cover installations. Construct- Innovative Construction Solutions Corp. has provided Alberta and the surrounding communities with beautiful, safe and durable patio covers since its inception. Our patio covers and pergolas are made with powder-coated aluminium structures and feature acrylic, polycarbonate or aluminium roofing sheets. Choose us to transform your home’s exterior into a safe and comfortable place to relax.

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